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    Jeskell seamlessly manages the data lifecycle to transform IT investments into long-term savings. Trusted by Fortune 500 leaders, our commitment to exceptional customer service and technical proficiency consistently exceeds expectations.

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expertise beyond boundaries

With nearly two decades of experience, Jeskell Systems excels in enhancing operational performance through IT modernization and digital transformation, setting new industry standards. Specializing in tailored solutions for Federal and commercial clients globally, we hold extensive top-secret security clearances for seamless integration.

Collaborating through top-tier technology partnerships, including IBM and Dell Technologies, enables us to reduce risk, lower costs, and optimize IT effectiveness. Our commitment to excellence and client advocacy distinguishes us, offering customized solutions and services. Jeskell excels in turning IT investments into long-term savings, focusing on storage, cyber resilience, automation, and security. Trusted by Fortune 500 leaders, we prioritize customer service and technical expertise to exceed expectations. Partner with us to empower your organization’s future through modernized IT solutions.

What sets us apart

Technical Mastery

Our engineering, sales and marketing team boast numerous certifications from leading OEM partners, ensuring top-tier proficiency in delivering innovative technological solutions.

Multifaceted Support

Jeskell Systems offers a comprehensive suite of technology solutions and services, encompassing technical, sales, and acquisition expertise, ensuring swift and effective response to your needs.

Trusted Reputation

Jeskell Systems has built a solid reputation for consistently delivering on commitments and promises, consistently earning the trust of our clients, partners and technology vendors.

Vendor Relations

At Jeskell Systems, we foster strong relationships with global technology vendors and service providers, allowing us to offer personalized solutions tailored to your specific requirements.


Small Business classification

Jeskell Systems is classified and confirmed as a Small Business by SAM.gov, an official website of the U.S. government. Within our primary industries, identified by NAICS codes, Jeskell is categorized as a small business under NAICS 334111, 334112, 334118, 423430, 443120, and 541519.


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CORPorate headquarters

Jeskell Systems, headquartered in Laurel, MD at 6201 Chevy Chase Drive, serves clients of all sizes across the United States and globally, specializing in the Federal, Public Sector, and commercial spaces.

Proven Quality Management

Jeskell Systems is honored to affirm its ongoing commitment to excellence through the renewal of its full certification to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System by Det Norske Veritas (DNV). This renewal epitomizes Jeskell’s enduring dedication to upholding standards of consistency, perpetually advancing quality benchmarks, and prioritizing client satisfaction. It reaffirms Jeskell’s unwavering adherence to the principles enshrined within the ISO 9001 standards, demonstrating our steadfast commitment to progressing towards specified quality objectives with discipline and transparency.