Understanding the Urgency: Data Resilience in Today’s Threat Landscape

Learn why data resilience has become a top priority for organizations worldwide as they navigate the evolving landscape of cyber threats, regulations, and the high costs of data breaches. Discover how Jeskell Systems, an IBM Platinum Business Partner, leverages over two decades of experience to integrate and optimize IBM Storage solutions for both federal and commercial clients.

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IBM FlashSystem for Government Agencies: Elevating Federal IT Performance

In the dynamic landscape of Federal IT, agencies demand storage solutions that guarantee low-latency performance, data resilience, and stringent security measures. Jeskell Systems, in collaboration with IBM, pioneers the integration of IBM FlashSystem solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of government agencies. With a focus on optimizing operational continuity and enhancing data security, Jeskell delivers unparalleled support for Federal entities striving to meet their mission-critical objectives. Accelerate Applications with IBM FlashSystem for Government Today’s […]

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The Advantages & Disadvantages of Private Cloud from an IBM Perspective

The popularity of private cloud is growing, primarily driven by the need for greater data security. Across industries like education, retail and government, organizations are choosing private cloud settings to conduct business use cases involving workloads with sensitive information and to comply with data privacy and compliance needs. In a report from Technavio (link resides outside, the private cloud services market size is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 26.71% between 2023 and 2028, and it […]

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Discover the hidden risks lurking within Microsoft 365's built-in security features and unveil the comprehensive solution you need with IBM Storage Protect for Cloud Microsoft 365. Safeguard your critical data from ransomware, human errors, and hardware failures with seamless backup and granular restoration capabilities. Try it free for 30 days and fortify your organization's resilience against evolving cyber threats.

Unveiling the Hidden Risks of Microsoft 365 and the Solution You Need

In today’s digital landscape, many organizations entrust their critical data to Microsoft 365, relying on its built-in security features for protection. However, the stark reality is that while Microsoft 365 offers a level of data security, it falls short in providing comprehensive backup and recovery solutions. This oversight leaves businesses vulnerable to a myriad of threats, including ransomware attacks, human errors, and hardware failures. Enter IBM Storage Protect for Cloud Microsoft 365, a game-changing SaaS […]

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More Cyber Resilience in Store for Small Businesses with IBM FlashSystem

Safeguarding your business against such risks is paramount, and having a robust primary storage solution is a fundamental aspect of your cybersecurity strategy. That’s where IBM FlashSystem, in partnership with Jeskell, emerges as the ideal choice for SMBs looking to fortify their data infrastructure while staying within budget constraints.

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