At Jeskell, we offer cost-effective, high-performance data storage solutions tailored to help you manage vast amounts of structured and unstructured data effectively.

Our Expertise

We specialize in storage solutions that not only enhance data security but also improve overall effectiveness. By leveraging best-in-breed technologies, we build storage solutions to fit any budget or capacity requirement. With advanced processing, search, and archiving capabilities, we ensure your data is safeguarded and actionable intelligence is readily available to support better mission performance.

Key Capabilities

Jeskell partners with the world’s leading tech providers to offer powerful capabilities in:

  • Transaction Processing: Rapidly process high volumes of complex data across large workloads with low-latency solutions delivering millions of IOPS.
  • Search: Accelerate the search of unstructured data to quickly identify correlations, patterns, and anomalies within massive data sets.
  • Archiving: Reliably store, preserve, and protect growing data sets over the long term, ensuring data remains highly available and retrievable.

At Jeskell, our high-performance storage solutions offer numerous benefits tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs. Our highly scalable storage options provide extreme capacity, accommodating diverse data types and long-term retention requirements while ensuring data remains accessible and secure. We prioritize engineering storage systems to achieve the optimal balance of performance, capacity, and cost, resulting in optimized ROI for your organization. By integrating industry-leading technologies, we deliver best-of-breed solutions that support any data type, file size, growth rate, or retention requirement, providing you with a storage solution perfectly suited to your unique needs. With Jeskell Systems, you can trust that your data assets are safeguarded, accessible, and ready to support your mission-critical objectives.

Leveraging the latest technologies from industry leaders like IBM, Dell Technologies, and Veritas, we architect storage infrastructures that provide unparalleled performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. From flash storage arrays to tape archival solutions, we ensure your data assets are safeguarded and accessible whenever and wherever you need them. Contact us today to learn how Jeskell Systems can elevate your storage capabilities and support your mission-critical objectives.