In the dynamic landscape of Federal IT, agencies demand storage solutions that guarantee low-latency performance, data resilience, and stringent security measures. Jeskell Systems, in collaboration with IBM, pioneers the integration of IBM FlashSystem solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of government agencies. With a focus on optimizing operational continuity and enhancing data security, Jeskell delivers unparalleled support for Federal entities striving to meet their mission-critical objectives.

Accelerate Applications with IBM FlashSystem for Government

Today’s public sector services require high-performance storage systems to handle diverse workloads efficiently. IBM FlashSystem solutions, integrated by Jeskell Systems, leverage FlashCore® technology and NVMe to deliver latency as low as 50 microseconds, empowering agencies to make faster business decisions while optimizing IT resources.

Enhanced Data Resilience

Jeskell’s deployment of IBM FlashSystem ensures data resilience through features like Safeguarded Copy, hardware-accelerated encryption, and CyberVault security plans. These capabilities safeguard critical data against unforeseeable incidents, minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted access to vital information.

Streamlined Management with IBM FlashSystem & Storage Insights

Every IBM FlashSystem solution comes preinstalled with IBM Storage Insights, enabling automatic issue resolution and providing performance and capacity monitoring. Jeskell leverages this feature to ensure high availability and proactive storage recommendations tailored to each agency’s specific needs.

Specialized Solutions for Citizens, Defense & More

Our specialized solutions empower government agencies with tailored approaches to optimize storage performance, enhance data security, and ensure comprehensive data protection.

Jeskell’s integration of IBM FlashSystem solutions optimizes storage performance, enabling agencies to meet the demanding requirements of modern infrastructure. With FlashCore Modules and hardware-accelerated compression, Jeskell ensures unparalleled density, durability, and performance for Federal workloads.

Security is paramount for government agencies, and Jeskell addresses this need by leveraging IBM FlashSystem’s access to FlashCopy modules and HyperSwap® features. These capabilities enable synchronous data duplication and remote mirroring, ensuring data integrity and resilience against cyber assaults.

Jeskell enhances data protection with IBM FlashSystem’s TDI-certified platforms for SAP HANA deployments. Immutable backup copies and machine learning capabilities detect and mitigate suspected corruption, providing forensic reports to rapidly diagnose and address potential threats.

Small Business Classification

Jeskell Systems is proud to be classified as a Small Business by, catering to various industries under NAICS codes 334111, 334112, 334118, 423430, 443120, and 541519.

Additionally Jeskell offers many contract vehicles to streamline acquisition and implementation:

  • CIO-CS: Partnering with Jeskell through the CIO-CS contract, facilitated by NIH’s NITAAC, provides Federal agencies seamless access to IBM FlashSystem solutions, ensuring optimized performance and data resilience.
  • GSA: Jeskell’s contract with the General Services Administration streamlines procurement of IBM FlashSystem solutions, offering fair and competitive pricing to government agencies.
  • 2GIT BPA: Jeskell holds GSA’s esteemed 2nd Generation Information Technology Blanket Purchase Agreement, facilitating procurement of IBM FlashSystem solutions for all levels of government, ensuring streamlined acquisition processes and access to cutting-edge storage solutions.

Partner with Jeskell Systems to elevate Federal IT performance with IBM FlashSystem solutions tailored to meet the demanding requirements of government agencies. Our expertise, coupled with IBM’s industry-leading technology, ensures streamlined operations, enhanced data resilience, and unparalleled security for mission-critical workloads. Contact us today to embark on a transformative journey towards optimized storage solutions for your agency’s unique needs.

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