Storage is easy until it is not. As companies grow, storage management can quickly become complicated. Unfortunately, many companies end up with fragmented storage, which injects risk into data storage, adds costs, creates technical debt, and reduces the likelihood of recoverability in a loss or disaster event. However, recognizing the importance of sustainability and implementing the right systems and architectures can streamline storage, reduce costs, and ensure effective data protection.

ESG’s economic validation spotlights IBM Storage FlashSystem, showcasing both quantitative and qualitative perks. Enhance cyber resilience and recovery capabilities. Download the report to discover how FlashSystem’s favorable price/ performance ratio benefits companies, improving end-user experiences and IT efficiency. The deployment of FlashSystem not only increases the likelihood of successful data recovery but also accelerates the recovery process in data loss events.

Without a doubt, security incidents will happen. This fact should compel a change in the organizational mindset from fervently attempting to prevent an attack to preparing for and responding to security failures when they happen. This is the transformation organizations must undertake as they travel from cybersecurity to cyber resilience. Download the ESG white paper and learn about IBM Storage’s role in addressing the challenges of ensuring Cyber Resilience

ESG white paper

Unlock the full potential of your business data with IBM FlashSystem 5000. This cyber-resilient platform ensures affordable, high-performance storage, maximizing efficiency and sustainability. Choose from three models tailored to your needs, each offering advanced features like encryption, data reduction, and IBM Storage Insights for enhanced management. Stay secure, scale effortlessly, and drive optimal performance with IBM FlashSystem.

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Understanding your risk is the first step in developing your strategy and plans to protect your company from ransomware and other cyberattacks. Work virtually with IBM experts to co-create your risk assessment and architect your next steps.    

The Resiliency Assessment provides a bridge mechanism to assess your current state and identify gaps, strengths, and weaknesses against best practices. Get in touch with us today to request an IBM Ransomware Risk Assessment Workshop.

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