In today’s data-driven world, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face the challenge of managing and modernizing their storage infrastructure to keep pace with growing data demands. IBM FlashSystem, combined with the expertise of Jeskell Systems, offers a comprehensive solution to streamline operations, enhance security, and reduce costs. Let’s explore how this powerful partnership can transform your storage strategy.

Why IBM FlashSystem?

IBM FlashSystem stands out as a versatile and robust storage solution designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re operating on-premises, in a hybrid cloud, or within virtualized environments, FlashSystem delivers exceptional performance, reliability, and scalability. Here are some key benefits:

More Capacity: With up to 1.1 PBe of capacity per single rack unit, FlashSystem ensures you have ample space for your growing data needs.

Enhanced Performance: The NVMe-optimized architecture, coupled with IBM FlashCore technology, offers computational storage with automated data tiering, inline data corruption detection, encryption, and compression offloading. FlashSystem operates at six times the rate of traditional SSDs.

Sustainability: FlashSystem consumes 46% less power compared to competitors, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Resiliency: Logical, operational, and physical air gapping support, along with a guarantee of recovery operations within 60 seconds from immutable snapshots, ensures your data is always protected.

Availability: Boasting “Six Nines” reliability, FlashSystem ensures continuous availability of your critical data.

Interoperability: Designed to support a wide range of data infrastructure needs, FlashSystem is compatible with hypervisors, container architectures, security solutions, automation tools, and more.

Flexible Purchase Options: Whether you prefer CAPEX, leasing, or As-a-Service models, FlashSystem provides flexible deployment options to suit your financial strategy.

Storage Virtualization & Security

One of the standout features of IBM FlashSystem is its ability to virtualize existing storage systems, breathing new life into older infrastructure. This virtualization capability comes with advanced features such as auto-tiering, data reduction, and mirroring, ensuring efficient and effective data management. Additionally, FlashSystem offers multicloud capabilities out-of-the-box, allowing you to manage data seamlessly across on-premises and cloud environments.

FlashSystem’s enterprise-grade security features include non-disruptive data migration, remote mirroring with IBM HyperSwap technology, isolated and immutable copies, hardware-accelerated data-at-rest encryption, and IBM-distributed RAID technology to reduce disk rebuild times. These features provide a secure and resilient storage solution for your business.

The Next Level in Performance

IBM FlashSystem is built to support powerful performance and growth, equipped with NVMe-accelerated flash arrays that are Storage Class Memory (SCM)-capable. The platform also supports bare-metal, virtual, and containerized environments, providing flexibility and scalability for your storage needs. Additionally, the innovative Data Reduction Pool (DRP) technology, including deduplication and hardware-accelerated compression, enhances overall cost-efficiency.

Partnering with Jeskell

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, Jeskell Systems brings unparalleled expertise in IBM’s storage portfolio. Our team can consult on a variety of complex data strategies and storage solutions, including virtualization, deduplication, encryption, flash optimization, business continuity, backup/recovery/archive, data protection, and compression. At Jeskell Systems, we understand the unique challenges SMBs face in managing and modernizing their storage infrastructure. Our tailored solutions, backed by IBM’s cutting-edge technology, ensure your business can efficiently handle and protect its data, optimize performance, and achieve greater cost-efficiency.

Managing and modernizing storage is a critical task for SMBs looking to stay competitive in today’s data-centric landscape. With IBM FlashSystem and the expert guidance of Jeskell Systems, you can transform your storage strategy, enhance security, and streamline operations. Contact us today to learn more about how our FlashSystem storage solutions can make it easier to manage and modernize your legacy storage systems.

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