Panasas, a renowned data storage company specializing in parallel file systems for network-attached storage, has officially rebranded as VDURA. This strategic rebranding marks a significant transition from the company’s long-time identity as a developer of software for proprietary hardware to a cutting-edge data platform provider supporting modern AI and enterprise needs. As part of this evolution, VDURA will now focus exclusively on developing software-defined storage solutions, separating its innovative software from proprietary hardware systems.

A Legacy of Excellence

For those who may not recognize VDURA, it’s essential to understand the rich heritage it brings from its foundation at Panasas. Panasas has been a trusted name in the data storage industry, known for its high-performance and reliable parallel file systems. The rebranding to VDURA signifies a continuation and enhancement of this legacy, ensuring that the same level of excellence, innovation, and reliability is carried forward.

VDURA & Jeskell: A Trusted Partnership

As VDURA charts this new course, Jeskell stands as a trusted partner, offering unparalleled expertise in implementing and reselling VDURA’s advanced data platform solutions. With nearly two decades of experience, Jeskell excels in enhancing operational performance through infrastructure modernization and data lifecycle management. Specializing in tailored solutions for Federal and commercial clients globally, Jeskell holds extensive security clearances for seamless integration, ensuring that each deployment meets the highest standards of security and efficiency.

VDURA’s Data Platform is already trusted by global enterprise giants and research pioneers in life sciences, energy, higher education, and Federal agencies. This trust is built on VDURA’s proven performance and reliability in the most demanding environments. The platform supports a wide range of applications, from critical research data in life sciences to vast datasets in energy and higher education, ensuring data integrity and accessibility at all times.

Advancing Storage Solutions

With infinitely scalable performance and capacity, VDURA’s smart parallel storage architecture accelerates data throughput and eliminates bottlenecks, making it ideal for high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) workloads. Its adaptable integration of diverse storage media within a single architecture allows organizations to customize storage solutions to precise performance, capacity, and cost specifications. This robust and versatile approach ensures unmatched flexibility, superior data protection, and continuous operation, making VDURA the preferred choice for critical HPC and AI workloads.

In collaboration with Jeskell Systems, VDURA continues to push the boundaries of data storage technology, ensuring that clients receive the most advanced, reliable, and efficient solutions available. This partnership not only highlights the strengths of VDURA’s new direction but also reinforces the value of a trusted, experienced partner like Jeskell Systems in navigating the complexities of modern data storage needs.

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