Cybercrime continues to escalate, driven by the lucrative nature of cyberattacks and the minimal risks involved. In 2023 alone, the FBI received over 880,000 complaints, highlighting the staggering financial impact of cybercrime, which exceeded USD 12.5 billion in potential damages. Ransomware attacks, in particular, have emerged as a pervasive global threat, prompting organizations to invest heavily in cybersecurity measures.

Ransomware poses a significant risk to businesses, as attackers exploit vulnerabilities to encrypt vital data, rendering it inaccessible and causing severe disruptions to operations. However, with proactive measures and robust defenses in place, organizations can mitigate the risks associated with ransomware attacks.

Enhancing Resilience with IBM Storage Defender

IBM offers comprehensive data resilience solutions designed to protect organizations against ransomware and other malware threats. IBM Storage Defender and FlashSystem play integral roles in enhancing data resilience by providing early threat detection, data protection, and rapid recovery capabilities.

IBM Storage FlashSystem utilizes immutable copies of data, safeguarded from alteration or deletion, to establish a strong foundation for storage protection. The latest Flash Core Modules 4 (FCM4) incorporate inline data corruption detection, leveraging machine learning models to identify abnormalities at the block level and detect ransomware attacks in real-time.

Strengthening Data Resilience: IBM Storage Defender and FlashSystem for Medium-Sized Businesses
Partnering with Jeskell and IBM, businesses can safeguard their data against cyber threats by leveraging the advanced capabilities of IBM Storage Defender and FlashSystem.


IBM Storage Defender complements FlashSystem by streamlining business recovery procedures and providing a consolidated view of data protection and cyber resilience status across hybrid cloud environments. Using AI-powered sensors, Storage Defender identifies irregularities in databases, file systems, and virtual machines, facilitating early threat detection and response.

When combined, IBM Storage Defender and FlashSystem offer numerous benefits to medium-sized businesses, including:

  • A consolidated view of data resilience across main and secondary storage environments.
  • Automatic generation of immutable Safeguarded Copies, impervious to ransomware attacks.
  • Block-level ransomware detection in under 60 seconds.
  • Rapid recovery of Safeguarded Copies in less than 60 seconds.
  • Integration with clean room environments for secure workload restoration.
  • Notifications to incident teams and Security Operations Centers (SOCs) for coordinated recovery efforts.

Register for IBM’s Upcoming Webinar

As the only provider of complete data resilience solutions across hybrid cloud environments, IBM remains committed to enhancing the synergistic capabilities of Storage Defender and FlashSystem.

Want to learn more? Register for the upcoming webinar on June 11th at 11 AM ET to discover more about how these solutions can empower your organization to defend against cyber threats and strengthen data resilience.

By leveraging these innovative solutions, medium-sized businesses can strengthen their defenses against ransomware attacks and safeguard their data with confidence.

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